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Fit & Bendy is a flexibility fitness company based out of Los Angeles, CA.

I started doing design work for Fit & Bendy in 2016. This quickly evolved into a web developer role, leading into redesigns in 2018 & 2022 for

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Scope of Work:
Web Development
Google Ads
Email Automation

Over the years, Fit & Bendy has experimented with a variety of client management systems to better organize and funnel their client base. Across several iterations of their website, I’ve integrated class schedules, shops, automated email marketing funnels and more.

In addition to regular site updates, I also use Google Ads to help drive traffic to Fit & Bendy’s online courses, private lessons and video club.

Following COVID-19, I helped pivot Fit & Bendy from an in-person studio to an online-only business.¬†Using email automation & Google Ads, I’ve driven thousands of sales to their online classes.

Today, my role at Fit & Bendy continues to grow in new, exciting and challenging ways.

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I genuinely love working with Kristina (pictured above, screaming) – her vision, sense of humor & creative energy shine through in all of her creative endeavors, making me proud to be an integral part of the Fit & Bendy team.