LeatherUp Email Snippet

LeatherUp is an international motorcycle parts & apparel company.

I started doing email marketing work for LeatherUp in 2018, designing and automating targeted email campaigns to drive online sales.

On the unified customer platform Klaviyo, I’ve designed hundreds of e-commerce emails by utilizing an integration with Shopify. This helps us link products and metadata seamlessly into our email campaigns.

In addition to working in Klaviyo, a significant portion of my work takes place in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator – styling products & images to bring them in line with LeatherUp’s brand guidelines.

Before Veri

After Veri

Scope of Work:
Email Automation
Email Marketing

By optimizing LeatherUp’s automated email flows, I increased their annual revenue by $267,000/yr or more.

In addition to the abandoned cart, I’ve also automated a number of flows to aid in recapturing potential sales: browser abandonments, welcome series, customer winbacks, upsells and more.

It’s been an honor to work with the LeatherUp team over the years; they’re a great group of people, and my experience in the e-commerce and email marketing landscapes in the time I’ve spent with them has been invaluable.